Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Song for Matilda, Who Would Never Dot Her i’s

Matilda was charming and full of grace,
and light of hair and fair of face.
When leaving the table, she’d say, “Excuse”;
and she always minded her p’s and q’s
— a dear little girl, if one ever was.
But Matilda was destined for ill, because,
although angels fashioned her otherwise,
Matilda would never dot her i's!

Well, she closed her o’s and she crossed her t’s;
her l’s looped magnificently, and her g’s.
Her writing was neat — why, her spots were spotless —
and a joy to behold; but her i’s were dotless!

Her mother had warned her, with much dismay
("Matilda, dear, what will the neighbors say!?")
that while, yes, dots had something, well, dotty about them,
the world looked unkindly on i’s without them.

Her teachers in school were, of course, nonplussed
("Matilda, be reasonable ... you must
learn to finish your i’s!"
). But Matilda insisted
her letters were better and, so, resisted
— though, she knew what was right and she knew she should.

And Matilda turned out, in the end, no good.

Although this comes as no surprise;
for, never did she dot her i’s.

— Ender

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