Saturday, November 19, 2005

Something Afoot

My feet are pretty ugly
— I often wonder if they shouldn't be
attached to someone else,
because, well, frankly,
they don't resemble any part of me.

My toes are quite disturbing
— they point in all directions left and right,
the second one is longer
than the first one,
and the little one's a most peculiar sight.

When I go walking in the park,
I have to wait 'til after dark.
I can't wear flip-flops at the pool
— it's just too scary, as a rule.
My brother, who almost never lies,
says my feet are aliens in disguise.
Gosh, could it be that they're from outer space?
Could I be standing on some Martian's face?

I wish that things were different.
I'd gladly change my feet if I could choose.
But then, I guess I'd better
learn to like 'em,
'cause without 'em, how could I put on my shoes?

— Ender

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